Insurance Manual: A Comprehensive Billing and Reimbursement Guide for the OMS E-book

Insurance Manual: A Comprehensive Billing and Reimbursement Guide for the OMS E-book


This e-book version of the newly expanded and revised AAOMS Insurance Manual: A Guide to Understanding, Filing and Appealing Claims and OMS Billing and Reimbursement offers all the same valuable information as the traditional print edition, in a convenient digital format. With its to-the-point information on claim filing and reimbursement regulations, pertinent Medicare policies, HIPAA regulations, and procedure-specific appeal examples, this manual will lead you through the process from filing to appeal. It will also be your guide to understanding and avoiding fraud and abuse allegations, providing appropriate documentation, coding compliance, and dealing with managed care policies. The e-book also includes a special Web link from which you can download PDFs of the appendices containing sample appeal letters, denial-specific flow charts, and more. ©2018

Also available: Insurance Manual: A Comprehensive Billing and Reimbursement Guide for the OMS print edition.

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