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Third Molar Patient Information Full-sized DVD


Third Molar DVD Trailer from on Vimeo.

Packed with illustrations and information for patients and caregivers, this 4.7" DVD contains a 7-minute video offering the same content as the mini-DVD but in a full-size disk format.

  • Detailed 3D animations illustrate the problems associated with impacted third molars
  • Comprehensive discussion of third molar surgery, from the patient’s arrival at the OMS office, through the return home
  • Electronic format and attractive style appeal to young adults – the primary audience for third molar surgery
  • Value priced for purchasing in quantity
  • Individually packaged in a clear plastic sleeve – perfect for affixing a label advertising your practice

Sold in lots of 25. (1 unit = 25 DVDs)

Also available in a convenient

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